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[Aircraft Design: Joel Koechlin]



A variation on the proven X-AIR theme aiming towards enhenced performance, the X-AIR "F" GUMNAM is a conventional control Aircraft, which, as well as his ancestor, fits into the category defined by the Director General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) as MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT.
The GUMNAM, distributed in the UK under  the model name of X-AIR FALCON, has earned the BRITISH SECTION "S" Certification.




The GUMNAM is a conventional 3 Axis controlled Aircraft, 2 Seater side-by-side, with High Wings, and  Tractor, exposed Engine. It also has a Tricycle Landing Gear. The Cockpit is identical to the X-AIR's except that "Lexan" doors offering a panoramic view to pilot and passenger are a standard feature, and that a luggage boot is inbuilt behind the seats with a capacity of 20 Kg. Wheel spats on the main undercarriage are standard features too. The fuselage has been extended and offers an improved aerodynamic efficiency. But the real difference lies in the wing: area reduced by 1 sq.m, aspect ratio increased, profile NACA 4412, this much more efficient wing is fitted with FLAPS to maintain the STOL characteristics. The result is a faster, agile aircraft capable of travelling longer distances and still able to land on small & rough country airstrips. 

Download (.pdf 54.00 KB) the X-AIR "F" USER'S MANUAL

Download (.pdf 7.00 MB) the X-AIR "F" ASSEMBLY MANUAL