X-Air Introduction

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[Aircraft Design: Piero Mezzapezza & Joel Koechlin]


The X-AIR "S" (Standard), first born of the X-air family, is a conventional control aircraft which conforms to the category defined by the Director General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) as a MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT. By definition, a MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT is a fixed wing aircraft, with a maximum all up weight not exceeding 450 Kg, and not designed to carry more than 2 persons on board. The advantage of the Microlight category is that, as aircraft have to be built to lower weight limits, and as they are generally non-aerobatics & fly at lower speeds than conventional aircraft, the construction techniques used are simpler and less expensive than conventional aircraft. Thus they are cheaper in capital cost, as well as Operational & Maintenance Costs. Microlight Aircraft are a practical choice for Individual Owners who fly as a Hobby, as well as for Basic Training for fresh students.
The X-AIR has earned the British SECTION "S" Certification.



The X-AIR is a conventional 3 Axis controlled Aircraft 2 Seater side-by-side, with High Wings, and Tractor Engine in the front. It also has a Tricycle Landing Gear. The Cockpit can be semi-open, or fully closed with optional "Lexan" doors offering a panoramic view to pilot and passenger.

Download (.pdf 9.00 MB) the X-AIR "S" ASSEMBLY MANUAL

Download (.pdf 62 KB) the X-AIR "S" USER'S MANUAL